2022 Fly Fishing Holiday Gift Guide

A fly fisherman sits on a cold snowy stream during the holidays

It’s that time of the year, and we’re all searching for the perfect fly fishing gifts to give this year. And if one thing’s for sure, anglers are particular about their fly fishing gear. To make gift shopping easier for you, we created our 2022 fly fishing gift guide that highlights our favorite fly fishing gift ideas. Stop stressing about getting it right and shop from our list of stocking stuffers and under the tree fly fishing gift ideas.

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Hatch Nippers

The closest thing to bling you can find in our fly shop. But they don’t just look cool. The Hatch Nipper 3 is considered one of the finest and most durable fly fishing tools for a reason. A new ergonomic design, durable stainless steel spring and a pair of dangerously tough tungsten cutters make this nipper one you will use for years to come. They’re available in a handful of sharp colors and are made and anodized in the USA. Need we say more?

Yeti Drinkware

Whether you’re sipping coffee to early morning rising fish or mixing a cocktail at the campsite, our Yeti drinkware ensures that your drinks go the distance. Yeti has earned quite the reputation over the last few years for being consistently durable. Each of our Yeti lowballs, tumblers, and ramblers are engraved with our “Circle Fish” logo.  Don’t let your loved one go without a new mug or bottle to take to work, class or the river this season.

Flyvines Bracelet

Made in the heart of downtown Missoula, Flyvines accessories are made of 100% recycled fly line. Flyvines add extra color for minimalists and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Flyvines are very subtle and extra unique, not to mention they let everyone know you fly fish! They’re the perfect fly fishing gift to put in the stockings this year.

Grizzly Hackle Gear

A Grizzly Hackle hat and shirt combo is a perfect stocking stuffer for any fly fisherman. With many options for T-shirts and hats, you have a perfect selection of awesome items to either rock together or mix in with your wardrobe.

Simms Taco Bag

If you’re like me, then your post-river routine is less than elegant. Muddy boots and wet waders are among my least favorite things to throw in my vehicle at the end of the day. Luckily, Simms Taco Bag is the perfect way to store your boots and waders to and from the river. The taco-shaped bag zips in half, creating a wide surface for you to shed your waders and boots, and then zip them up into. Simms Taco Bags are ventilated with a mesh upper to allow your wet gear to breathe and are available in three colors.

Simms Merino Hiker Socks

This is a no brainer. Some folks say getting socks for Christmas is boring. But surely no one has complained while wearing a pair of durable, made in America wool socks. Simms Hiker socks are available in lightweight and midweight options. So, whether you’re on the water or on the trail, the Hiker Socks from Simms are sure to be your go-to. Give them the fly fishing gift they didn’t know they needed!

River Rat Maps

These water resistant maps are the go-to trip planning resource for your next fly fishing adventure. Made just south of Missoula in Victor, MT, River Rat offers maps of major rivers and streams in southwest and western Montana. River Rat Maps display access points with descriptions, river mileage, rapids and diversion dams. Not to mention, they point out campgrounds near your favorite fishing spot.

Grizzly Hackle’s “Need’em” Assorted Fly Cups

Caddis this, trico that? Don’t stress about buying flies someone won’t use or, worse yet, won’t work. Our staff handpicks flies for you to optimize success on most trout rivers and streams. We select one dozen nymphs, dry flies and streamers that will entice hungry trout all year long. Whether they’re getting into fly fishing or they’re a seasoned vet, these flies are cornerstones of our collections and won’t go to waste.

Yeti Loadout Box

If there ever was a fly fishing gift for someone that truly has everything, the Yeti Loadout Box would be a solid candidate. Fly fishermen need gear they can rely on when conditions are less than ideal. And if you’re looking for both practicality and supreme durability, then you’ve found your winner. The Yeti Loadout Box has many uses, but they excel as a boat box for any drift boat or raft. Yeti’s Loadout Box caddy, divider and mesh pack attic allow for detailed organization and the water-tight latches ensure water and dust proof storage. Our guides use their Yeti Loadout Boxes daily and there’s no question that they can survive serious wear and tear.

Scott Wave Fly Rod

New from Scott Fly Rods this summer and making the perfect fly fishing gift for a saltwater-bound angler, the Scott Wave has quickly become a popular mid-price rod for those targeting bigger, stronger fish. The Wave is a powerful, lightweight, and accurate fly rod that performs across applications. Whether you’re targeting streamer-eating trout, bass, or hitting the flats, the Wave gets it done. Better yet, the Scott Wave comes in at a fraction of most high-end fly rods at $675.

Echo Gecko Fly Rod Kit

The Echo Gecko is the perfect fly fishing gift for little fishy guys and gals. It’s a short, two-handed rod with a slower, forgiving action to help your little ones get the hang of it. It’s a full setup, including a rod, reel, line and backing. The Gecko can be fished with one or two hands and comes in a 4 or 5wt setup. Not to mention a wild, multicolor colorway. It’s a rod so cool you might want one for yourself!

Simms G3 Waders and Boots

New this summer, the Simms G3s are and have been one of our most popular waders. The G3s are equipped all of the necessary bells and whistles, including breathable mesh shoulder straps, water-resistant chest pockets, interior pockets and webbing to store net on your shoulders. All this, and an improved four-layer GORE-TEX that is more breathable and more durable than prior models. Pair the new G3’s with any of our Simms Flyweight or Flyweight Access Boots and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Goertzen Lanyard

Goertzen Lanyards are the perfect gift for the angler that squeezes in fishing time after work and prefers to have everything they need and nothing they don’t. Each Goertzen Lanyard is equipped with six attachment points for tools like nippers or floatant holsters. Additionally, each lanyard has a copper tippet bobbin, a pouch for a small fly box, and a forceps holster to keep everything handy when you need it. Last but certainly not least, Goertzen Lanyards are hand-made with quality leather in Missoula, Montana.

Hatch Iconic Fly Reel

The hardest working reel on the market. The Iconic puts the brakes on large, aggressive fish with an improved sealed drag system and looks good doing so. Unparalleled durability is found in Hatch’s ability to machine the reel and reel seat in one piece. No gimmicks, just dependable craftsmanship and 100% American-made sex appeal. Give the gift they will remember for a long time this holiday season

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel

These luggage bags make a great fly fishing gift and are a must for any on-the-go angler. They’re practical, compressible and unbelievably spacious. Patagonia’s Black Hole is finished with a water-resistant, 100% recycled polyester outer layer for worry-free adventures. Going away for weeks or just the weekend? This is your bag for comfortable, organized travel.

Simms Big Sky Shirt

Good luck getting your dad out of this shirt next year. The Simms Big Sky Shirt exudes feelings of summer barbeques and last-light dry fly fishing. There is a reason it is one of our most popular shirts. It is a dressy, yet casual option for any occasion. Nothing is more synonymous with Montana summers than Simms Big Sky Shirt, available in the sky/flame plaid colorway.

Patagonia R2 Techface Pants

The perfect under-wader insulating bottoms that can stand alone around the house or out on the town. That’s what Patagonia’s R2 Techface Pants are all about. These pants are warm, comfortable and have a water-shedding face fabric to hold out against moisture and wind. Retire your old cotton quitters and upgrade to the Patagonia R2 Techface Pants this holiday season.

While there are endless options to put under the tree this year, choosing an item from our fly fishing gift guide is sure to put a smile on any angler’s face. These fly fishing gift ideas were chosen from many of this year’s most popular products and approved by our Montana fly fishing guide staff.

Have questions about our 2022 fly fishing holiday gift guide or looking for more fly fishing gift ideas? Give us a call at our Missoula fly shop or check out our online fly fishing shop to find more gifts for fly anglers!

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