Clark Fork River Fly Fishing Report Below Missoula

Daily River Report

October 3, 2015

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 Dry flies have been hit and miss with the cooler temps, more miss as of late, if you do end up using dries your best options will be BWO’s and Trico’s size 18-20 as well as Trico Spinners trailing behind. Hoppers can still get fish to come up, but its best to have a double dry rig with a Copper Haze, or a Mohagany Flash Cripple trailing behind the hopper. Don’t be afraid to toss Terrestrial patterns such as, Ants, Beatles, and Attractors in the afternoon right to the banks. For now your best option will be to use any of those dries and you might try a Hopper Dropper set up. Our Guides have been having good luck Zebra Midges, Copper Johns, Lightning Bugs, San Juans, Micro Stones, and their favorite, Pat’s Rubber legs.
If you want to potentially get into some big fish try throwing a streamer through those riffle runs and deep holes. What seems to be the hot ticket is Coffee’s, Dalai Lama’s, and for the most part any articulated patterns in brown, green, white, and yellow.

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Hatch Reels are what you need for the Big Clark Fork Rainbows.  These fish are hot and you need a premium drag!


Clark Fork River Fly Fishing Report, Clark Fork River Fishing Report

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