West Fork Bitterroot River Fishing Report

Daily River Report

June 10,  2016

Fishing Rating:


Still lots of Salmonflies on the entire Westfork.  We are seeing Goldens and Green Drakes too.  A double dry rig with a Salmonfly and a Golden.  Most fish are taking the Golden’s now, but there is still plenty of Salmonfly dry action to go around.  Flies to have… Chubby’s, Cat Pukes, Dog Pukes, Luna Negras, Flutter Bugs, Crowd Surfers, Rogues, P-Hazes, P-Adams, Carnage Drakes, Yuk Bugs, Bitch Creeks, Rubberlegs, PT’s and Princes.

West Fork Bitterroot River Fishing Report, Bitterroot River Fishing Report

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