Montana Fly Fishing Streamers | Top 5 Streamers For Fall

Montana fly fishing streamers, Missoula’s top five streamers for fall fly fishing

In Montana, fly fishing streamers is one of our favorite flies to target big fish in the late fall.  The fish are aggressive and looking to gain calories so they can put on weight before the winter.  On cloudy days, trout will chase down streamers with reckless abandon and crush them. This is also a sure fire way to get into some of the biggest fish of the year.  All you need is a 6-7 wt rod, sink tip line or sinking leader, persistence, and the right flies. Here are Missoula’s top 5 streamers for fall fly fishing in no particular order.

1. EP Minnow

Montana fly fishing streamers

This is a staple in our boxes every fall and we like the Olive/White or all Olive colors with lead eyes.  The profile is perfect for white fish or baby trout and we’ve caught some big fish on this streamer!

2. Smoke N Mirrors

Montana fly fishing streamers

Dan at Dirty Water Fly Company came up with one of our favorite sparsely tied, articulated streamers available.  We like the white/gold, cream/gold, all black and brown/yellow versions. Fish them low and slow and let the jigging action do all the work.  

3. Baby Gonga

Montana fly fishing streamers

This fly in Olive, Baby Rainbow, and Baby Brown has been one of our top producing streamers in 2018.  The small size and articulation give it great action that elicit some vicious strikes. The lead eyes help it get down into the strike zone.

4. Mini-Dungeon

Montana fly fishing streamers
Kelly Galloup, owner of Slide Inn and streamer guru, came up with the Sex Dungeon years ago and it’s caught some giant trout over the years.  When he came out with the mini-Dungeon, we all got excited. Sometimes big flies aren’t the way to go when it comes to getting fish to eat and this fly proves it.  It has a great sculpin profile and moves great in the water.

5. Sparkle Minnow

Montana fly fishing streamers

The Sparkle Minnow is one of those streamers you look at and think “no fish would ever eat that!”  It’s a super flashy bugger pattern that seems to always work. When in doubt, put on a Sparkle Minnow.

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What are your favorite fall streamers?  We’d love to hear from you. 

2 thoughts on “Montana Fly Fishing Streamers | Top 5 Streamers For Fall

  1. Planning my first Montana fishing trip with three other friends, September 2019.
    Already booked lodging in West Yellowstone and Dillon. Any other suggestions would be welcomed. Also looking for guide recommendations in both area. Will book one day in each location. Should we do floats or wades. We are all in our 60’s and active.
    Thanks Terry

    • Terry,

      Definitely do floats, it’s what Montana is known for and our big rivers warrant it. As far as guides in those areas take a look at Frontier Anglers in Dillon and Big Sky Anglers in West Yellowstone. If you’re heading to Missoula give us a call and we can get you out on thew water!

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