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Lamson Speedster Series


5.00 out of 5

The Waterworks Lamson Speedster

The Waterworks Lamson Speedster is perhaps the coolest reel you will ever own for under $300. Talk about smooth and efficient! The reel picks up a lot of line in a hurry with the super large arbor and protects small tippets when a big trout or bonefish makes a sudden burst. The narrow spool prevents barreling and at the same time your retrieve rate in phenomenal due to the large circumference. Time tested drag that is smooth as silk and strong.

Format: Super Arbor
Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum,stainless steel
Finish: Hard Alox

Lamson Speedster Specifications

Speedster 13.1″.0883.40 oz2,3,4WF335 yds 20#$299.95$135.95
Speedster 1.53.5″.95″3.90 oz3,4WF4100 yd 20#$299.95$135.95
Speedster 23.75″.95″4.20 oz5,6WF6100 yd 20#$299.95$140.95
Speedster 34.0″1.05″4.70 oz6,7,8WF7150 yd 20#$329.95$160.95
Speedster 3.54.4″1.15″5.70 oz8,9WF9200 yd 20#$349.95$170.95
Speedster 44.8″1.25″8.50 oz10,11WF10250 yds 30#$399.95$195.95

Speedster HD

Speedster HD (“Heavy Duty”) follows the lead of our Arx and Guru HD reels by incorporating a full-cage design to capture line without failure. The full-cage design is the solution for thin-diameter running lines that are inclined to escape through spool/line-guard gaps. *HD spools are not compatible with standard Speedster.

Format: Super Arbor
Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum,stainless steel
Finish: Hard Alox

Speedster HD Specifications

Speedster 34.0″1.04″5.30 oz6,7,8WF7150 yd 20#$359.95$175.95
Speedster 3.54.38″1.07″6.48 oz8,9WF9200 yd 20#$379.95$185.95
Speedster 44.82″1.27″9.38 oz10,11WF10250 yds 30#$429.95$205.95
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  1. Dan Shepherd

    I have used the Waterworks Lamson Speedster 2.0 the last several months and it is a charmer. Try it once and that is the reel you will want to use if you hook fish that pull line off the reel. Silky smooth and the super large arbor really protect your light tippets and leaders when fishing smaller flies for big fish.

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