Meat Box Package


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Are you a hardcore streamer junkie?  Or want to get throwing big junk for big fish?  This Meat Box Package is for you.  This has all the flies, some leaders and tippet you need to get ready to catch the biggest fish in the river.  Included:

Cliff Bugger Beast

2 Rio Big Nasty Leaders

Scientific Anglers 0x Tippet

Scientific Anglers 1 x Tippet

Rio Versi Leader 7ft Extra Fast

4 Mini Drunk & Disorderlies

10 Silvey’s Sculpin Leach

4 Strolis’ Ice Pick

2 Stanton’s Skinny Dip

2 Skerick’s Hatchery Rainbow

4 Bjorn’s Hawg Hookers

2 Namelss Wanders

6 Chocklett’s Mini Finesse Changers

2 Belly Scrather Minnows

6 Baby Gonga’s

2 Baby Fat Minnows

8 EP’s Little Minnows

6 Mason’s Juniors

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