Bitterroot River Fishing Report

Daily River Report

July 22, 2016

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It’s been hot this week.  Mornings have been the best time to get out while the water temps are at their lowest.  Fish are in the most oxygenated areas of the river and in the deeper slots and runs.  Hopper fishing has been much better this week and throwing a Hopper/Dropper will increase your odds.  Droppers are anything from Prince’s and PT’s to Rubberlegs and San Juans.  We are starting to see a few Trico’s with spinner falls being from 9:30-11 am depending on how hot the day gets.  Tucker’s Twiggy, RS2’s, Organza Spinners and Double spinners will get you into those picky fish.  4.5-5.5x tippet from Trouthunter will keep those fish on.

We have a ton of new flies in the shop. 1/2 off Friday’s are still happening, every Friday all year long. (1/2 off your first dozen)

Bitterroot Fishing Report, Bitterroot River Fly Fishing

Bitterroot River Fishing Report, Missoula Fishing Reports

Bitterroot River Fly Fishing Report, Bitterroot River Fishing Report

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