Bitterroot River Fishing Report

Daily River Report

April 24, 2017

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The Bitterroot is on its way up due to the rain and a bit of snow melt from Saturday’s temps.  It’s still very fishable and will be unless we get a bunch more rain.  Nights will be getting cold and keeping any serious snow melt from happenings.  It’s mayfly time on the river with March Brown’s, BWO’s and even a few Gray Drakes.  EP Split wings, Western MB, Carnage Drakes, P-Hazes, Adams and Para-Wulff’s.  Look for fishing rising in the foam lines and back eddies.  There are a few Skwala’s still out and fish will eat them even if you don’t see any.  Slender bodied Skwala’s like Rogues, Hanging Stimi’s, Bulletheads and the like.  Streamer fishing will be really good with the clouds this week.  Gold/Olive and Gold/White are great spring colors.  Dungeons, Bjorn’s Creepo, Flash Minnows, Bennet’s Lunch Meat, Ep Minnows, Peanuts and Sparkle Minnows.

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Bitterroot Fishing Report, Bitterroot River Fly Fishing

Bitterroot River Fishing Report, Missoula Fishing Reports

Bitterroot River Fly Fishing Report, Bitterroot River Fishing Report

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