Bitterroot River Fishing Report

Daily River Report

March 24, 2017

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The river has stabilized and continues to clear up.  There is about 3-4 feet of visibility which is plenty for good fishing.  Despite what you’ve heard the river is not blown out.  Skwala’s are out and we have been getting fish on top for the last few days.  The higher up you go on the river the better the dry fly fishing has been.  Rogue Stones, Caddilac Skwalas, Bulletheads, Olive/Peacock Chubby’s,  In the Zone and Miller’s Hi-Viz will get you into fish.  Concentrate on the side channels and inside drop off’s.  Nymphing is another great option right now with bigger stonefly nymphs and San Jaun worms.  We are seeing a few March Brown’s, but not enough to fish them just yet.

1/2 off Friday’s are still happening, every Friday all year long. (1/2 off your first dozen dries or nymphs)

Bitterroot Fishing Report, Bitterroot River Fly Fishing

Bitterroot River Fishing Report, Missoula Fishing Reports

Bitterroot River Fly Fishing Report, Bitterroot River Fishing Report

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