Clark Fork River Fishing Report

Our Clarkfork river fishing report comes to you straight from our boats on the river. We are on the Clark fork river fly fishing daily during the season and know what’s happening. For the most successful tips, techniques, and fly selections, check back often for our up to date Clarkfork river fishing report.

Fishing Report + Rating


September 16, 2020

The Clarkfork is fishing great right now and the smoke “cloud cover” is helping the bugs hatch and fish rise.  Tricos around noon to early afternoon are hatching consistently west of town.  Light tippets and small sz 20-22 Tricos are the name of the game.  Presentation matters more than the fly at this point.  Drag free, fly first presentations are a must.  We are starting to see a few Mahoganies and Hecuba’s as well.  Hopper/Dropper fishing is good in the afternoon with your favorite hopper and a San Juan, Jig Nymph or Rubberlegs off the back.  Streamer fishing will continue to be good with the “clouds.”  Smaller white or olive streamers are great on the Clarkfork like Zonkers, Mason’s Junior, Jewel Thief’s and Sparkle Minnows.

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