Clark Fork River Fishing Report

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August 14, 2019

Water temps are lower on the Clarkfork with the cooler temps and we had a bit of a bump in flows, which is great for August.  Morning fishing is still the best time to get out, but at least the fish are doing better in the lower temps.  We are starting to see Trico clouds over the riffles and spinner falls around 11-2 pm.  Trico’s are the toughest game all year with low clear water, small flies and picky fish.  Your presentation is everything and a drag free drift is a much.  A sz 18-22 Tucker’s Twiggy, Organza Spinner, Drowned Spinner, Half Down tied off the back of a sz 20 P-Haze, Para-Wulff or P-Adams.  Hopper/Dropper fishing is still the best way to prospect for fish.  The bigger fish are eating the hopper and the smaller ones the dropper, although you never know.  Tan, Pink or Purple Hoppers with a jig PT, Perdigon, Reckoner, Prince, Rubberlegs or San Juan dropper.

1/2 off Friday’s are still happening, every Friday all year long. (1/2 off your first  dozen dries or nymphs)

River Flows

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Clark Fork River Fishing Report, Clark Fork River Fishing

Clark Fork River Fishing Report, Clark Fork River Fishing

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