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Our Clarkfork river fishing report comes to you straight from our boats on the river. We are on the Clark fork river fly fishing daily during the season and know what’s happening. For the most successful tips, techniques, and fly selections, check back often for our up to date Clarkfork river fishing report.

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August 3, 2021

The Upper Clarkfork from Rock Creek up to Warm Springs in on hoot owl restrictions.  Fishing is closed from 2 pm to midnight.  This is due to warm water and low flows.  Below Rock Creek there are no restrictions.

The Clarkfork water temps are getting up there and we suggest fishing where you can find cooler water like below tributaries that are putting cold water in.  If you do get out, get out at day break and done fishing by lunch or so.  Hopper/Dropper is the way to go right now with only a few PMD’s still hanging around.  It’s terrestrial time so make sure to have your box of those with you.  Attractor dries like Brindle Chute’s, P-Hazes, Adams, Royal Wulff’s, Stimi’s and PMX’s are another great way to get into fish looking up.

There is still a tree down below Clinton.  There is a right channel that you can take around the tree right now, but as the water drops it will get hard to do.  Be careful.

1/2 off Friday’s are still happening, every Friday all year long. (1/2 off your first  dozen dries or nymphs)

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Clark Fork River Fishing Report, Clark Fork River Fishing

Clark Fork River Fishing Report, Clark Fork River Fishing

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