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Blackfoot River Fishing Report

Blackfoot River Fishing Report

Our Blackfoot river fishing report comes to you straight from the river. We are on the Blackfoot river fly fishing daily throughout the season and know what’s happening. For the latest techniques, tactics, and fly selections, check back often for up to date Blackfoot river fishing reports.

Blackfoot River Fishing Report + Rating


February 20, 2024

The Blackfoot is fishable in many spots, but there’s still plenty of ice out there.  Be careful if you go and watch your step.  Sub-surface is the way to go right now, if you go.  Nymphing will be the best way to get into fish.  Focus on slower inside bends and drop offs.  Double Bead Stones, TJ Hookers, Perdigons, Jig Princes, Jig PT’s and San Juans.  Slow and deep streamer fishing could get you some big fish.  Fish won’t chase streamers very far, so slow down and get down to their level.  Chicago Overcoats, Sparkle Minnows, Lil Kim’s, Mini-Dungeons and Silvey’s Sculpin.

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Current Recommended Flies For Blackfoot River Fly Fishing

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Blackfoot River Flows

See below for current Blackfoot River flows and conditions at Bonner, MT.

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Blackfoot River Weather Forecast

See the Blackfoot River fishing reports weather forecast for the next 7-days. For more information on the forecast or detailed weather data, please visit NOAA Weather Data – Bonner, Montana.

BONNER, MT Weather Forecast

Montana SNOTEL Current Snow Water Equivalent % of Normal

SWE is an acronym for Snow Water Equivalent, signifying the quantity of liquid water present in snow. Essentially, if you were to take a certain snow depth and melt it, the resulting water height would be representative of the SWE. This is how we can predict river flows and water levels for fishing season.

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