Blackfoot River Fishing Report

Daily River Report

July 25, 2016

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Spruce Moth’s are here!  This is one of the best hatches on the Blackfoot as fish go crazy to get these terrestrials.  Denny’s Moth, Cream/Gray Elk Hair Caddis and MFC’s Moth skated or even drowned has been producing some great fish.  Hopper/Dropper fishing is great option and will be for the next month or so as the hoppers continue to get bigger.  Don’t overlook other terrestrials like Ants, Beetles and even Spiders as they are a big part of the trouts diet this time of year.  Attractor dries like Stimi’s, P-Hazes, P-Adams, Humpies and Royals Wulff will get eats as the fish are looking up!  Make sure you get out early when water temps are at their lowest.

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