Missouri River Fishing Report at Holter Dam

Daily River Report

January 26, 2016

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The MO is always a good bet in January.  The water temps are cold, but the fish are still willing to bite if you get the right presentation with your fly in just the right depth.  Depth of your fly is key over here and can be the difference between a decent day and a great day.  Move your indicator often until you find the depth that the fish are in.  Flies to have right now are pink anything Amex’s, Scud’s, Czech’s, as well as Zebra Midges, Mercury Midge, Rainbow Warrior.  Dead drifted and swung streamer deep for those that want to fish the bigger bugs.  Black Krystal Buggers, Sculpzillas and a good old fashioned black conehead Wooly Bugger.

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Recommended Flies

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