Rock Creek Fishing Report

Our Rock Creek river fishing report comes to you straight from the river. We are on the Rock Creek fly fishing daily during the season and know what’s happening. Check back often for up to date Rock Creek river fishing reports.

Fishing Report + Rating


August 3, 2021

Not much has changed on Rock Creek.  We did get a shot of water from rain last night.  Water temps are still staying cooler than most area rivers, but afternoons are still getting up there.  Get out early and off early will be our mantra this summer.  Spruce Moth’s are out and depending on the day it has been good.  Make sure to have a box with Andy’s Moth, Spruce Almighty’s or Yellow PMX’s.  Hopper/Dropper is another good option if you don’t see any Spruce Moth’s out.  Small Hoppers with a sz 16 bead head nymph like a Perdigon, Duracell, Prince or PT.  Attractor dry flies are another good option if you’re committed to the dry.  Royal Wulff’s, PMX’s, Humpies, Hippie Stompers, P-Hazes and Para-Wulff’s.

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