Rock Creek

Fishing Report + Rating


August 15, 2018

It’s been a stellar August up on Rock Creek so far!  A few Spruce Moth’s are still around and in the right spots.  Fishing a MFC Spurce Moth or Parachute Spruce Moth is a good way to prospect in the mornings, especially if you see Spruce Moth’s fly around.  Hopper/Dropper fishing has been good with smaller hoppers like Morrish, Fat Albert’s and More or Less Hoppers.  Smaller droppers like Copper Johns, PT’s and Princes have been getting the fish that aren’t willing to come up for the dry.  Attractor dry flies is another good bet with Wulff’s, Humpies, Stimulators, P-Hazes, Adams and Hippies Stompers.

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