2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour here in Missoula!

The 2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour will be here again this year on February 3rd at the Wilma!  There will be shows at 4 pm and 8 pm.  This is a great time for everyone who is into fly fishing to come together and get some serious stoke for the season.  The films are action packed fly fishing films from all over the world.  Destinations like Gabon, Costa Rica, Florida, Dubai and Alaska to name a few will be featured….

5 of our Favorite Fly Tying Materials

Right now, it’s -9 outside, perfect for a blog about our favorite new fly tying materials! When it’s this cold you can’t do anything outside. It’s too cold to ski or ice fish, so we are stuck inside for now, tying flies with our new fly tying materials. If you live in Missoula, you know that during the tying season you basically only have to tie a handful of flies Chubby’s, Pat’s Rubberleg Stoneflies, San Juan Worms, Purple Haze’s, Pheasant…