Grizzly Hackle’s 2021 Top Gear Picks


Grizzly Hackle’s Top Gear Picks for 2021

We are all looking forward to 2021’s fishing season.  It has already started for us, but with a balmy high of 2 degrees today, we are looking forward to throwing big stonefly dries in about 6 weeks or so.  With 2020 in the rear view mirror and hopes of better times coming our way we can’t help but think about a great 2021 Missoula fly fishing season and what it might bring.  Although there isn’t a bunch of new gear coming out this year, there’s enough to get all of us gear heads excited. 

Here is our top 3 picks for new fly fishing gear in 2021:
  1. Scott Centric Fly Rod
  2. Simms Classic Guide Waders
  3. Simms Pro Nipper

We’ll see you on the water!

1.Scott Centric

Scott Centric Fly Rod

Scott rods has been a staple in the amazing rod category for years.  Just when we thought they couldn’t make a better rod than the Radian, the Centric showed up.  It’s basically the Radian with more feel and power behind.  This is a fast action rod, but it’s not a broomstick.  Accurate at 15ft and enough power to get you to 60 ft. if you’re feeling lucky.  You definitely want to get your hands on one of these and cast it.  It might be you’re next all around, go to rod for fly fishing Montana!


2.Simms Classic Guide Waders

Simms Classic Guide Waders

Simms brought back an old faithful in the Classic Guide Waders, don’t worry they didn’t keep the same outdated technology in these made in Montana, Gore-tex waders.  It’s as waterproof and breathable as their high end waders, but with less bells and whistles.  A workhorse of a wader that keeps you dry in any wading conditions.


3.Simms Pro Nipper

Simms Pro Nipper

The Simms Pro Nipper is one of those tools that you’ll constantly use.  Why would you ever spend that much on a pair of nippers?  We get asked that question in the shop all the time.  It’s a good question.  We think it’s worth the price for a tool that you use so much on the stream.  Let’s face it this is a necessity and you really can’t get through a day without it. (Your dentist will be happy if you have one!)  These are USA made, strong and will last a lot longer than those $6 ones you lost on your last fishing trip.  Pair it with a good lanyard and you won’t be losing these ones!


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