Q&A with veteran guide Matt Bryn

Interview Veteran Missoula Fishing Guide, Winston Rods

Question: Matt, without breaking too many hearts, tell us your favorite fly rod company and why?

Answer: Simple for me. It is the RL Winston Rod Company because I am a Montana native, I have friends who work at Winston, Winston is a Montana company out of Twin Bridges, and their rods are not only crafted to perfection, they just plain fish like crazy! R.L. Winston rods just cast so smoothly and are so accurate and once you play a big trout on a Winston, you really then understand the difference. I love my Winston rods!

Question: You could have worked anywhere, so why, of all the professions, why did you choose to guide?

Answer: My office is my Clackacraft drift boat and it has a better view than any office in the world! I love the outdoors. I was raised fishing and hunting and so this job is perfect. I did not want an office job, period.

Question: Ok, fair enough. Then please tell us why you choose to guide in Missoula, MT?

Answer: It is my hometown but we are blessed with a diversity of water. I can guide an 8 month season on legendary uncrowded freestone rivers! I can pick from nearly 300 miles of float stretches within about a one hour radius. Missoula is just a great place to work, live and fish!

One Last Question: What does Matt do when he is not working?

Answer: I spend time with my wife and dog, then I hunt, fish, and hunt some more. If that is not possible, I love going to the University of Montana basketball and football games. I rarely miss a game.

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