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Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod


5.00 out of 5

The Orvis Clearwater fly rod is quite a stick for $229.00! We held a 5 wt rod shootout last summer and many local anglers were shocked at the high performance of the Orvis Clearwater. Many comments came in about the amazing performance of the Clearwater as compared to much more expensive rods. If you are looking to get started in fly fishing, this is your rod for several reasons. First the price is incredibly low for the quality. The rod is handsome and well built. It comes with an unconditional 25 year warranty. Since the shootout, we have sold piles of these rods. It is a great rod in any weight and is perfect for a back up fly rod if you are traveling to a destination where  rods are not readily available. The Clearwater rod is smooth, accurate and powerful. It comes with a nice Cordura case and is built as a 4 pc rod so it travels easy or is great for backcountry trips. You also have the Orvis company behind you when you buy this rod. They have legendary customer service.

Clearwater outfit includes a Clearwater Rod, Clearwater reel, Clearwater line, rod tube, and backing.

*only outfits come with reel shown

Product Reviews

3 reviews

  1. evan

    Orvis Clearwater wrote the textbook on ‘bang for your buck’. Sure, you can drop $800 on a new rod, but for $198, you’ll catch the same fish as your buddy next to you. If your looking for a durable beginner rod with a 25 year guarantee to repair or replace, no questions asked!

  2. Scott Cable

    I’m a little new at this whole fly fishing thing… But I just bought this as my first rod. I love it!! Super easy to use, i have been throwing dries and nymphs. Of Course you cant beat the price. Tight Lines!!

  3. Lucas

    I’ve been throwing an Orvis Clearwater since I was 12 years old, just shortly after I began learning how to fly fish. It was with this rod that I caught my first trout, bass, and pike. It was certainly a memory maker. The Orvis Clearwater has been updated since my original purchase, and i have to say, it is still one heck of a rod. Whether you are looking for a first flyrod, an extra boat rod, or maybe just an eight weight to get yourself into the world of streamers, you really cannot beat the great quality for the price. Of all the rods out there, I have the fondest memories with this one, and I am sure you will too.

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